Modern Delinquency Solutions

Matthew Barbieri
Matthew Barbieri, CEO


“ClickNotices gives a range of services, depending on a client’s location and needs.”

ClickNotices was founded by Toyin Bello, a Nigerian immigrant who came to the US 25 years ago. Dr. Bello is a software entrepreneur who earlier founded and successfully marketed Softech Systems, a software development firm that helped government agencies with application development and synthesis.  The company began in 2010 as a response to Dr. Bello’s disappointment at managing his portfolio of multifamily units. Dr. Bello found himself confused with managing delinquent rent, precisely the burden of filing and monitoring incidents in landlord-tenant court.  He saw an opening to leverage his software development expertise and convert the filing experience. Today, ClickNotices manages late rent matters for hundreds of thousands of apartment units across the United States, including several of the largest affordable housing managers in the country.

The purpose of the ClickNotices platform is to provide the customers and users the simplest solution for handling their resident delinquency related activities. ClickNotices have contributed many years to customizing our solution to match our customer’s requirements uniquely. They have customized many sections of the software to match the local laws, court rule, and requirements.

No matter the delivery system, document name, or legal process, each of ClickNotices’ solutions is still easily broken down into four easy steps. They perform a powerful pull of all delinquent residents from your property management software according to policies; this way, clients are always working with the latest list of residents who still owe rent and their current balances. ClickNotices display the entire delinquency report within their platform for review, which can be updated with any scales or notes. They also provide the last chance to remove anybody from this list but require reasoning to ensure compliance with any fair housing laws. This step can also be automated for Notice solutions to expedite the process. At the click of the mouse, property managers can now focus on all of their other job responsibilities, while ClickNotices take care of the rest. This step can be automated for Notices solutions as their platform and mail-house integration process everything ordered by users and ensure timely delivery to the residents. Users can monitor the status of everything directly on the platform.

The legacy way of managing delinquencies is broken. It’s slow, costly, and often ineffective. It’s simple to overlook delinquency management and feel it isn’t much you can worry about. But every dollar of cost reduction is a dollar that goes directly to the bottom line. ClickNotices provides a range of services, depending on your location and needs. Their innovative technology platform, effective process, and client-focused professional services team combine to present the best delinquency management program in the property management arena.

ClickNotices gives a range of services, depending on a client’s location and needs. From providing their Notices Suite of products to boost resident communication to full-service management of the delinquency process. Digital Notices allow users to easily and quickly deliver rent notices to their residents, along with modernization of resident interactions with custom emails and text messages. Through its tailor-made solutions for property managers, landlords, asset owners, and attorneys, ClickNotices is remaining focused on driving automation and efficiency through the combination of new approaches and technology. This attribute, the team assumes, will continue to help drive the thought leadership in this niche business.