Handling Your Mail Easily!

Jess Garza
Jess Garza, CEO

Earth Class Mail

“Whether companies are looking to expand a company’s footprint to another location, create a permanent mailing address regardless of the physical location, or create a virtual mailroom.”

As a consulting company, Elevation Solutions quickly realized the need to establish optimal mail methods. Being a lean, remote organization meant that the managing partner, Allison O’Connor, was contributing a significant amount of time going to their PO box and bank to get ahold of their mail. Nonetheless, they required to quickly process relevant correspondence for their new business, including customer checks that were funding payroll. Additionally, the official business location of their organization was the same as O’Connor’s home address. After coming across Earth Class Mail on the Project Money podcast, Elevation Solutions chose to move forward. “We did the evaluation, we requested you guys, the sales rep was astounding, and we were just like, let’s do it. Let’s change our life.”

Elevation Solutions was able to utilize one of Earth Class Mail’s Colorado addresses as their front-facing address. “We had anxiety about the formatting of the address and if arrangements would take it.

But it hasn’t been an issue.” And applying the CheckStream automated check depositing solution, Elevation Solutions was able to reduce the time spent retrieving and banking checks, as well as the deposit holds that were damaging their liquidity.

Now, they take benefit of having vital correspondence automatically uploaded to their shared Google Drive. Elevation Solution’s Chief of Staff “does all the check demand deposits and routes things to our bookkeeper if it’s tax-related or payroll associated or anything like that. So she’s the main one that watches it, but I don’t think about mail anymore, ever… I need to be executing bigger strategic decisions for the company and not thinking at that level, so it’s excellent.”

Their guidance for other remote companies and organizations looking to optimize the operations? “I think if you’re a remote business, you need something like this. Now, having a complete virtual office solution is just not necessary. I don’t need a 1-800 number for people to contact. So [Earth Class Mail] is just a great, specific solution. And the check cashing is amazing. Because people still do exercise checks.”

Earth Class has a list of premier US addresses to act as a virtual address. Whether companies are looking to expand a company’s footprint to another location, create a permanent mailing address regardless of the physical location, or create a virtual mailroom. Companies will never have to touch, sort, or stack the office mail again! Every piece of mail a company receives will be logged, organized, and stored securely by one of their HIPAA certified technicians. When it’s time to check your mail, companies can log into their Earth Class account from the computer or smartphone. Here, users can review the front and back of each piece of mail as a high-resolution PDF document with searchable text. Within the Earth Class account, the clients get to decide what actions to take on their letter. Users can deposit checks, trash and recycle junk mail, download essential documents to save, or forward to their attorney, accountant, or colleague. Finished with that letter? Users can choose to shred it, store it, or recycle it… “Handling” the mails has never been this easy! Earth Class needs to make taking action on the mail easy. That’s why they have integrations with  Xero, QuickBooks Online, Bill.com, Box, Google Drive, and others to assist users close out invoices and save documents where they need them, and with a click of a button.