Large Firm and Custom Enterprise Solutions

Amy Porter
Amy Porter, Founder & CEO


“LawPay is more than just a “merchant account”—we are the only complete end-to-end credit card processing program for attorneys.”

LawPay was developed especially for the legal industry, providing attorneys and their reckonings receivable/collections departments with a simple way to receive online credit card and eCheck payments from clients. Over the preceding 15 years, we have built a reputation as the go-to payment solution for firms of all volumes and the only payment technology vetted and supported by all 50 state bars, the American Bar Association, more than 60 local and specialty bars, and the Association of Legal Administrators. They built their easy-to-use technology around lawyers’ specific needs, presenting users with a simple payment management solution that correctly classifies earned and unearned fees and protects clients’ IOLTA account. From the minute the customers sign up, the company’s knowledgeable maintenance team works to ensure their success. The company’s technology outperforms PCI Data Security Standards, which means customer’s sensitive data is totally protected. They are supported by 48 state bars, trusted by 50,000 lawyers, and we’re the only payment solution administered through the ABA Advantage program.

According to Amy Porter, Founder & CEO, “Our mission is simplistic—to provide the best online payment solution to the legal sector. LawPay is more than just a “merchant account”—we are the exclusive complete end-to-end credit card processing program for attorneys. We understand a trust account negligence entirely can have severe consequences for your firm, your investments, and, more importantly, your professional reputation. We do not take this charge lightly. At LawPay, we have created a proprietary payment system and merged it with a team of expert bankcard professionals to adequately handle all your payment needs. I am very proud of this team and the job they do to support and educate attorneys. Whether receiving credit cards for the first time or a seasoned card acceptor, I am sure you will benefit from the LawPay advantage.”

The company knows that larger firms often utilize custom workflows and proprietary tools their teams have become accustomed to using. They launched its Custom Solutions team in 2018 to approach this critical need. This branch of their engineering organization operates directly with individual law firms to discover their novel payment needs and create custom solutions that seamlessly combine payments into the law firm’s preferred workflows and applications. In extension to building custom integrations, their Custom Solutions team works directly with the users to make characteristics and functionality that extend the core product to meet their requirements. Building and owning their technology uniquely positions LawPay to be agile and flexible in reacting in real-time to changes in the payments and legal landscape.

Rather than build their solution on top of another company’s tool, the company developed proprietary technology they can adapt and update simultaneously to provide law firms and AR teams the tools they need to succeed. Users can send and receive client payments with a click. Firms that accept online payments are paid comparatively faster compared to traditional methods, often inside minutes of a bill being sent. Through the company’s system’s end-to-end encryption and tokenization that exceeds PCI Level 1 and internet security standards, they keep end-user data protected and keep our partners out of scope for PCI. LawPay’s trust account protection extends to as numerous accounts as users would like so they can keep accounts separate by address, practice area, or any other designation customers choose at no additional cost.

Furthermore, the company is introducing new tools to support the exchange of electronic data between armored carriers and the Federal Reserve Banks to assist them to comply with required regulatory standards.