Simplifying Patent Information Research

Ann Chapman-Daniel
Ann Chapman-Daniel, Co-Founder


We have worked to constantly innovate our platforms to allow professional searchers as well as business executives to answer business-critical questions in the timeliest manner ”

For any innovation-driven industry – be it chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics or automotive, etc. – having a strong patent portfolio is vital. However, maintaining this can prove to be a time-consuming and expensive process. A prerequisite to filing a patent demand sifting through a mammoth of data that may be published in a foreign language often includes supporting drawings and can be hundreds of pages long. There are a plethora of caveats which concern the validity of the patented innovation as well. Minesoft provides a series of web-based solutions to bring high-quality, comprehensive patent data to an array of users across the IP Lifecycle and for various corporate needs. The company’s history spans over 20 years of innovation and development.

Minesoft was originally founded as an ideal way to combine Ann Chapman-Daniel and husband Ophir Daniel’s careers. They decided to combine their skills and managed to secure a development deal with France Telecom and a small initial loan that started the company off.

In partnership with RWS, Minesoft developed PatBase, a new searchable database of patent documents designed by experts in the complex art of the patent information research. Minesoft has expanded its portfolio of innovative patent information products to include PatBase Express, PatentOrder, PatDocs, IPShare, Legal StatusTracker, CiteTracker, Chemical Explorer, Pat-KM and PatBase Analytics.

All Minesoft’s solutions are developed by in-house patent experts making the valuable knowledge that can be found in patents available to a wider audience, with tools that are more user friendly and streamlined whilst retaining robust data focus that won their initial user base. “We have worked to constantly innovate our platforms to allow professional searchers as well as business executives to quickly gain the ability to answer business-critical questions in the timeliest manner,” says Ann, Co-Founder/Director at Minesoft. “Minesoft has tried to strike a balance between development cycles, all the while listening to clients’ feedback.  We have benefitted from great user feedback.”

Since its inception in 2003, PatBase has attracted over 70,000 users worldwide, from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, national patent offices, academic institutions and SMEs. The primary search tool has been built on a robust platform to assist clients in performing intuitive searches of the amalgamated data and review, comment, share and analyze business-critical patent information that can propel business units to make better informed strategic decisions. The proprietary database has a user-friendly interface and breaks down any information silos and transfers the acquired knowledge company-wide in a secure manner.

Over the next few years, Minesoft plans to expand its presence further in the US and German markets. With the US being one of the top patenting countries in the world, Minesoft is expanding its presence further in this market by bringing US company, Tempus IP, under the Minesoft “umbrella” after working with the company for the past ten years. “In addition, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming new PatBase search engine, which is faster and more powerful than before,” says Ann. “Minesoft has expanded year-on-year and look forward towards a bright future.”

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