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Mark Nastasi
Mark Nastasi, Founder and Executive Vice President

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“CobbleStone® provides industry-leading contract lifecycle management software that automates and streamlines contract management processes from requests to renewals, including closeouts, with a user-friendly and scalable platform.”

Contract administration optimization proves to be a key component in improving legal operations at organizations large and small. As contract volume and contract complexity grow for organizations, legal professionals find manual contract lifecycle management methods – such as those involving spreadsheets, various emails, decentralized document storage, wet signatures, and more – do not cut it anymore. CobbleStone® has built a platform utilizing artificial intelligence to help organizations successfully overcome the common pitfalls of contract mismanagement. CobbleStone® can help legal professionals steer clear of contract mismanagement pitfalls with a centralized, robust, and user-friendly contract management system that can seamlessly scale with organizational needs.

CobbleStone Software was founded over 20 years ago with the mission of helping legal professionals take the stress out of contract management. CobbleStone remains a pioneer in the CLM industry and continually provides clients with innovative CLM solutions. With robust features – such as contract data tracking, key date alerts, and advanced AI-powered automation with machine learning – CobbleStone Contract Insight® continues to lead the way with next-generation features, functionalities, and seamless integrations.

We at CobbleStone pride ourselves on being a client-focused organization. As such, we continue to ensure that our solutions provide in-demand functionalities and services that simplify our users’ day-to-day and strategic contract management goals. As renowned innovators in the CLM industry, we at CobbleStone take advantage of emerging technologies to offer best-in-class solutions that can be maintained and configured through the user interface by trained business users without the need for high-priced and highly complicated code customizations.

CobbleStone’s advanced contract intelligence engine, VISDOM® AI, sets us apart – as its built-in data extraction, clause identification, workflow processing, contract authoring, and risk assessment functionalities simplify contract processes. VISDOM streamlines many tedious processes – affording our clients more time to tend to higher priority tasks that add value to their organization. Moreover, IntelliSign® – CobbleStone’s proprietary electronic and digital signature tool – automates signing processes and can cut send-to-sign time by up to twenty percent.

CobbleStone offers a highly configurable CLM software platform built to optimize contract opportunities, support compliance with the help of integrated vendor and client OFAC compliance checks, proactively identify contract risk with VISDOM AI, and enhance contract oversight with contract workflows and advanced contract analytics. CobbleStone Contract Insight is the most flexible CLM solution on the market with configurable fields, contract types, alerts, reports, workflows, dashboards, user permissions, role-based experiences, and much more. CobbleStone offers flexible hosting options (SaaS/web-enabled or on-premise/deployed) and licensing options (named or concurrent and roles) to essentially ensure clients receive the best value for their unique needs.

CobbleStone continues to enhance CobbleStone Contract Insight CLM software with innovative and user-friendly features. With a focus on user-friendliness, CobbleStone intends to strengthen its leadership by offering further advancements in contract artificial intelligence. CobbleStone’s data scientists innovate VISDOM’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) with advanced data sets to improve recommendations and accuracy. The future has never been more exciting for CobbleStone Software.

As an innovator in the CLM industry, CobbleStone has the advantage of over 20 years of experience and thousands of contract management software users worldwide. CobbleStone’s user-friendly software – paired with proven implementation methodologies – can provide customers with successful projects with fast ROIs. CobbleStone prides itself in being the go-to CLM solution for leading organizations large and small as a trusted software provider.