First True Unique Legal Operations Solution

Mark Weidick
Mark Weidick, General Manager

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“Our roadmap consists of transformative new features that help corporate legal departments prove their value to their organization and be better corporate citizens”

Today numerous legal teams operate without an existing platform to manage invoicing, matters, and vendors. This is challenging to them as they are losing valuable time to highly manual invoicing processes. It is difficult to track work in progress without a system in place, making it nearly impossible to measure and control spend. SimpleLegal helps customers change the perception of the legal department being a cost center and assists in demonstrating value and financial discipline to their organization. “Our solution helps our customers drive strategic decisions by bringing transparency to matters, spend, and vendors to make the decisions that best support business objectives,” says Mark Weidick, SimpleLegal General Manager. “Our solutions include e-Billing and spend management, matter management, vendor management, and reporting and analytics in a configurable package that enable integrations.” SimpleLegal was founded as an e-Billing and matter management software to bring an intuitive and data-driven approach to how legal operations departments manage internal processes, finances, and outside legal counsel.

SimpleLegal is the first true legal operations solution to manage matters, associated spend, vendors, and reporting. Easy-to-use and learn, it provides the legal team with insights to make more informed legal and business decisions while bringing automation and standardization to invoice and matter workflows.

According to Mark, companies can bridge the gap between legal and other departments and within the legal team by implementing SimpleLegal’s solution. For example, by giving legal a way to track their spending regarding where and how much, it provides the finance department visibility into costs to stay within budget. This free flow of financial information, supported by our tools, helps them work more cohesively and reduce financial ambiguity and surprises. General Counsel can leverage SimpleLegal to work with other departments by helping them showcase the legal department’s value delivered to the company, including how legal resources are being used to achieve department and company goals. SimpleLegal also helps eliminate communication gaps within the legal department by incorporating technologies such as automation, templates, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify possible billing issues, needed internal approvals, and knowledge sharing.

SimpleLegal focuses on driving department efficiency by automating manual administrative tasks so the legal department can focus on higher-priority legal work. “Our philosophy is to help customers do more with less by leveraging the latest technologies and we continually invest in R&D to improve SimpleLegal’s functionality and usability,” adds Mark. “The key technologies we have adopted include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features. Being able to provide our customers with information at their fingertips is crucial to take out their pain point of manual and time-consuming reviewing.” By observing other industries to see what different technologies are being leveraged, SimpleLegal can focus on implementing them in the industry with a good idea of its potential impact and value. “Our roadmap consists of transformative new features that help corporate legal departments prove their value to their organization and be better corporate citizens,” says Mark.

SimpleLegal is constantly looking to enhance the value they deliver to their customers and their law firm partners. “We focus on keeping things simple. We take complex ideas and transform them into intuitive features our customers love to use. This philosophy guides everything we do – from designing a highly usable user interface to creating features and functionality that require little to no training,” adds Mark. “Though SimpleLegal has customers around the world, we are largely concentrated in the United States. So, taking our proven simple approach to other geographies is top of mind.

Similarly, we’re just getting started with “AI” or “machine learning” driven insights.  Our starting point is SimpleReview for invoice line-item review.  That starting point will take us to many areas of legal operations, including document drafting and contract review, among others. Coming up, SimpleLegal plans on expanding our matter management features and has exciting advancements to our reporting offerings.”